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Galveston Island’s path forward.

The Juneteenth Legacy Project organization’s intent is that “Absolute Equality” will also help shine a light on Galveston, serving as a platform for helping to tell the story of the island’s path forward—a community defined by diverse voices and collaborative growth.


Sheridan Lorenz, co-chair of the Juneteenth Legacy Project and a driver of the project, said, “This Galveston landmark—at the genesis of Juneteenth—will serve as a special space to reflect and expand our knowledge in a very public place, celebrating freedom, opportunity, and absolute equality for all.”


We’re confident ‘Absolute Equality’ will serve as an iconic visitor destination and educational landmark in Galveston for school children, the greater community, and visitors from all over the world,” Lorenz said.


The Juneteenth Legacy Project is also spotlighting a number of  Galveston-based non-profit organizations during its campaign, including The Nia Cultural Center and Vision Galveston.


Vision Galveston

The Vision Galveston’s community-driven visioning process in 2018 and 2019 culminated in specific recommendations related to quality of life issues—from housing, green space, and tech incubators to transportation, education quality, and coastal resilience. More than 8,600 people from diverse backgrounds and ages participated in the process.  


To date, Vision Galveston has launched several initiatives, including Build Galveston, an initiative to develop affordable housing for teachers, firefighters, police, healthcare works, public servants, and others.  Green Galveston was launched to make Galveston’s parks more accessible, resilient, and engaging to the community and incorporate nature throughout the island.


The Nia Cultural Center

Nia Cultural Center is a Galveston-based educational organization with activities and programs focused on culture and history and their impacts on the lives of children, youth, and families. Its mission is to reinstate the role of the family and community in their responsibility to strengthen and improve the quality of life for children by preparing them academically, culturally, mentally and physically to attain productive futures.


The Nia Cultural Center is the Juneteenth Legacy Project’s fiscal sponsor, accepting tax-deductible donations on behalf of the organization. 

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